Tardigrade Water Bear Plush (M Size)

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Weird creatures are shown as cute and cuddly plush!

Ramazzottius: Tardigrade AKA Water Bear or Moss Piglet The tardigrade is a strange organism that can be as small as 0.5 mm and no bigger than 1.5 mm. Luckily, this plush is bigger than an actual water bear so you can cuddle and hug it! This plush is made with a light yellow fabric. Expertly sewn with detailed segmentation, 4 pairs of legs, and a puckered mouth. Great for a fan of unique animals and a perfect addition for any stuffed animal family.

About the Tardigrade: The tardigrade is one of the most durable organisms with eight legs and segmented bodies. They can live in temperatures as low as −458 °F and as warm as 300 °F. They can even go without food and water for 30 years!  quoted from wikipedia

Dimensions (approx.): M Size: 8 × 18.5 × 9 cm | 3.14 × 7.28 × 3.54 in