Studio Ghibli My Neighbor Totoro Matryoshka

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(C) 2008 Nibariki
Totoro is now a Matryoshka.
If you open the Totoro doll, one Totoro after another will appear within until the last Makkurokurosuke appears from this six part nesting doll.
You can enjoy displaying this Matryoshka either side by side or all in one, and it can be used as a decoration or storage. The choice is yours.

  • Component: Big Totoro (green) x 1, Big Totoro (gray) x 1, Medium Totoro x 1, Small Totoro x 1, Acorn x 1, and Makkurokurosuke x 1
  • Product Size: Big Totoro (Green): Approx: 16cm (6.29 in),Makkurokurosuke: Approx: 2.2cm (0.86 in)