Soft and Downy Bird Plush Munyu-Mamu Series (Budgerigar) (Yellow)

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Color: Green & Yellow
Dimensions (approx.): 11 × 10 × 14 cm | 4.34 × 3.94 × 5.52 in

Cushion plush toy
Soft and fluffy texture.
You can't help squeezing it tight!

Love Budgerigars!
A lot of Budgerigar items such as plush toys, straps, and ballpoint pens!
For those who want to be surrounded by Budgerigars.
Soft texture♪ All Budgerigar plush toys, straps, and ballpoint pens got together!
Make a healing environment with these cute Budgerigar products!
Soft Budgerigar items will make a great gift!

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