Simple Real Leather Neck Strap

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Dimensions (approx.): 49 cm | 19.3 in

Hand made
We decided to use synthetic leather to protect the metal part after trial and error.
We put a metal part between the synthetic leather and wrapped it with synthetic leather.
This product is detailed and handmade so the production number is limited.

Standard and simple
real leather strap
You won't get sick of this design.
This slim design will fit with your business suit, casual wear or any other fashion.
The length is perfect to use as a wrist strap. You can use it for your cell phone or digital camera.
Real leather is used but the price is reasonable.

Real leather
This product uses real leather. You will feel this high quality by touching smooth texture。
And also we use synthetic leather to wrap the metal part to protect from making scratches on the screen.

* This products use dyed real leather, so don't get it or use it the humid area.
* Sometimes the color might come off on white or light color clothes by friction.