Simple Real Leather Ring Strap (Brown)

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Color: Brown
Dimensions (approx.): 12.5 cm | 4.93 in

Handmade by Craftsmen
To prevent scratches, both top and bottom of clasp are respectively covered with a small piece of synthetic leather, and then the whole are banded with another piece of it.
The work is so difficult that craftsmens' help is essential. Therefore, production volume per day is limited.
Be aware that this is NOT A CHEAPLY MADE PRODUCT!

Simple but Well Designed Strap
Sophisticated and standard designed strap made of GENUINE LEATHER!!!
Goes well with any kind of clothes from business suits to casual wear.
Right size to poke fingers through and prevents digital camera from dropping during a take.
Great value for the quality!

Genuine Leather!
Makes a big difference from other okay products.
In addition, the clasp is covered with synthetic leather upon customer's request. This extra process produces awesome effects.