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Marine Animal Squishy Japanese Sweets Style Ver. 2

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Dimensions (approx.): 3.7 × 5.2 x 5.2 cm | 1.5 × 2.0 x 2.0 in

You will feel very happy and excited when you touch these squishy.
Do you know Mochi? Mochi is a Japanese treat that is made from pounded rice. Mochi is very soft and sticky. This cute animal feels just like mochi. It comes in a plastic package that looks like a real mochi.

Small size of these squishies gives you excitement. Relaxed look of these sea animal shaped squishies will amaze you and make you squeeze them.
You will get any 1 of these 6 different squishy. We will choose rendomly from all 6 types.

Type of Squihshy:

  1. Dolphin / Soda Mochi (Japanese treat made from pounded rice)
  2. Seal / White Bean Jam Mochi
  3. Killer Whale / Red Bean Jam Mochi
  4. Penguin / Corn Mochi
  5. Flapjack Octopus / Mentaiko Mochi
  6. Green Spotted Puffer / Citrus Sudachi Mochi

※You can get any 1 from these 6 different type. You can not choose, We will pick and send randomly.