HandLinker Putto Bearing Ring Strap

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Dimensions (approx.): 9.4 cm | 3.70 in
Combined dual functions: Ring strap and fall prevention

Bearing Ring Strap from Hamee Original Product "HandLinker Putto Series"

  • Wear the ring on your finger while you use your device to prevent a drop of your device.
  • Ring strap is easy to attach to a smartphone, digital camera, key, pass case, and anything that you want to install the ring strap.
  • Ring diameter is larger than the previous model.
  • Ring strap can be used as a hook.
  • A wide range of color is available.

    Point 1

    Ring strap saves your device from a drop and saves you from upset.

    Smartphone is getting large nowadays. It is hard to hold it with a hand.
    Wear the ring on your finger while you use your device.
    It will save your device from a drop.

    Point 2

    Ring diameter is larger than the previous model. It fits to a large hand as well.

    and More...

    Put a ring strap on your belongings!
    Smartphone, digital camera, key, pass case, ID card case, USB memory, and anything you want to hang!
    Keep a ring strap attached to these devices. Every time you use any of these devices, attach the ring strap to a neck strap.
    You do not have to put on / off a neck strap.

    Camera Strap Prevents Fall
    Detach the ring strap when you take a picture.
    Your camera is released from the neck strap and you can take nice photos with different angles.

    Compatible with Neck Strap from HandLinker Putto Series
    Detach a ring strap in a sec! No-stressful talking and photographing!
    Just press the button in the center to release the ring strap from the neck strap.
    It helps you to detach your device quickly when you want to use your phone or camera urgently.
    It also works when you go through an automatic ticket gate. Detach an IC card from a neck strap, touch, and go!


    These 4 putto series are compatible to each other.
    It allows combinations of different colors and types of neck strap and ring strap.

    Bearing Ring Strap Bearing Neck Strap
    Carabiner Ring Strap Carabiner Neck Strap

    HandLinker Original Series

    Putto Series is not compatible with Handlinker Original series.