HandLinker EXTRA Carabiner Neck Strap (White)

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Color: White
Circumference (approx.): 80 cm | 31.5 in

Handlinker is an epoch-making phone accessory that combines a neck strap and a carabiner. By attaching a concave part on a neck strap with a convex part on a carabiner, these 2 parts get connected. The 2 parts get detached easily by pressing the button in the center of the concave part. It helps you to separate your phone from the neck strap quickly when you want to use your phone urgently. 


The carabiner is with a strap sting that can be attached to your phone, digital camera, key, and anything that you want to install the carabiner. You can use the carabiner as an independent part. It is useful serving as a key ring to hook your device on a belt loop or shelf.The carabiner also works for drop prevention. Wear the ring on your finger while you use your device. It will save your device just in case your device slips off from your hand. 

  • Ring spins smoothly and never hinder your movements.
  • You do not have to put on/off the neck strap, instead just press the button to separate your device from the neck strap. It saves you from taking off your cap / hat!

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