Hand Carved Wood Netsuke Custom (Personalized) Name Tag Strap (1 Letter)


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Dimensions (approx.): 3 × 1.9 × 0.4 cm | 1.19 × 0.75 × 0.16 in

Skillful kifuda artisan cuts a wood plate and a word appears on the wood plate. Just follow some steps to order the personalized hand carved wood tag. 

*This item is BTO, created one by one after receiving orders.
*Ship within 5 business days.
*Cancellation is not acceptable.

We will translate your name/words into Japanese!

If you would like to engrave your name/words in Japanese but don't know how to translate it, please leave a note "translate into Japanese" in comment box (SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER). You'll find the comment box in the process of placing an order.
We will translate the name/words into Japanese katakana if you do not have any special request.

How to order

Step 1: Select Color of Strap from pull down at the top of the page.

22 Colors

Step 2: Write down the letters* you want to curve on a tag.

*Up to 1 Letter
* You can use Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, Alphabet (Capital letters only) and Numbers.
* You can NOT use Marks, Special Characters and Hangeul.