Food Sample Smartphone Stand (Takoyaki)

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Dimensions (approx.): 7 × 9 × 9 cm | 2.76 × 3.55 × 3.55 in

Super realistic food sample made by Japanese skillful craftsman has turned into a unique smartphone stand! Taokyaki (octopus dumplings) has been added the Delicious Food Stand for Smartphone series. Japanese food sample craftsman created this product by using all their strength.

Do you know Takoyaki?  A piece (or more) of octopus meat is inside a takoyaki ball. Tako means octopus in Japanese. Combination of crispy fried outside and creamy inside makes Taokyaki one of the most popular Japanese snack. Takoyaki balls are dipped with brown sauce (aka Tonkatsu sauce or Okonomiyaki ) sauce and sprinkled katsuobushi and aonori.