Food Sample Phone Case for iPhone 6s/6 (Utsunomiya Gyoza/Potsticker)

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for iPhone 6s/6
Dimensions (approx.): 16 × 11 × 4.5 cm | 6.3 × 4.34 × 1.78 in

Utsunomiya gyoza (potsticker or pot sticker) turned into an iPhone6 / iPhone6 Plus case! Usually half dozen of potstickers are one serving. This case was reproduced with a bite taken out of a potsticker. Look at the crispy golden bottom with crunchy edge.These gyoza / potstickers look so yummy and realistic. 

* This product is not edible.
* We are not responsible for getting damaged of your device by using this product.
* This product has a strong smell after take it out from the package but it will go away a few days after with the air.
* Please be careful to handle this product because it has a pointy parts.