salisty Q Impact Resistant Hard Phone Case for iPhone XS/X (Fuchsia Purple)

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Color: Fuchsia Purple

for iPhone XS/X
Size: 14.8 × 7.4 × 1.2 cm | 5.83 × 2.92 × 0.48 in

Salistly: Salisty makes an elegant style effortlessly. Quality smartphone case that blends in trend and fashion up to date.

Tough yet elegant smartphone case in modest color with golden trimming.

  • MIL-STD-810 US Military Standard Certificate
  • A card pocket inside the case.
  • Comes with a radio interference prevention sheet
  • 4 color options: Gray, Charcoal Black, Fuchsia Purple, and Turquoise
  • Material: TPU and polyurethane
  • Some screen protection films may not be used together with this product.
  • Smartphone ring is sold separately. Check rings from here.