Budgerigar Gargle Cup & Cup Stand Set (Blue)

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Color: Blue
Dimensions (approx.): 11 × 6.5 × 6.5 cm | 4.34 × 2.56 × 2.56 in

It looks like a bird in a cage.
A clean cup and a stand set with a stylish design.
By putting a cup on a stand, it looks like a bird in a cage.

The edge of the cup won't touch anything so it stays clean.
Stand and cups are made of a durable plastic.

Cute and stylish design will brighten up your bathroom!
It will make your tooth brushing time fun!
Also, you can use it as an accessory rack.

Cute package is perfect as a gift.

*Do not use this product as a drinking cup.
*Please do not sterilize with boiling water.
*Please note that this product may break when you drop it or when it is subjected to another type of hard impact.