About Us

Hamee Strapya World is an old and established EC shop that was founded in 2003.
It has been selling phone accessories, toys, gadgets, and anything that are worth
to be rolled out not only in Japan but also in the rest of the world.

Hamee Strapya World has been a source of Japanese popular, modern, and kawaii culture
as well as a customer-centered online shop where their customers purchase Japanese products securely.
It brought out the world big hit "Otamatone" and "Squishy" in its 16-years history.

Now Hamee Strapya World is making a fresh start with new EC system.
The new system will surely provide our customers more comfort and fun for their shopping experience.

Hamee Strapya World is owned by Hamee Corp.
Visit Hamee Corp. corporate site from here.


Hamee.com is our sister shop that is located in Los Angles, USA.
Customers who reside in USA may obtain benefits from less shipping fee by US domestic shipping service
and shorter delivery time.

If you are an aficionado for Japanese culture and products, please order from
Hamee Strapya World and get products that will be shipped from Japan!