Chameleon Plush

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Long-awaited Chameleon & reptiles items!
Realistic and cute stuffed toy & strap.
So cute, but not many chameleons are being sold as toys...
Chameleon stuffed toy and strap are now available!

Face, chubby legs, a long tail and belly. It is really a psychedelically realistic look.
The length of stuffed toy is approx. 25 cm which is about the size of an actual chameleon.
For the strap, you can attach it to your bag, pouch or smartphone to go everywhere with you.

It would be a great gift for those who like reptiles.
Also, it will be nice to be surrounded by cute and rare chameleon items.

Available Color: Green, Rainbow

Dimensions (approx.): 14 × 25 × 8 cm | 5.52 × 9.85 × 3.15 in