Hand Figure Smartphone Stand (Yumi's Hands)

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Dimensions (approx.): 9.5 × 15 × 8.5 cm | 3.75 × 5.91 × 3.35 in

Realistic hand made by well experienced Japanese food sample craftmen.
But wrinkles, fingerprints and nails...it is just like a real hand.
Delicate hand!
You can read the palm. Neat nails. It is not too creapy wrist. Stable back of the hand.
Great touch feeling might be smoother than a real hand.

Useful at an office!
Great support during your work.
It will surely stand out , you might be able to get to talk with more people.

Hold your precious stuff.
It is also great as a tray for your accessories.
Because it stands out, you won't lose it. Also, it is great to think about your fashion coordination.