Clear Acrylic Smartphone Ring (Gold)

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Dimensions (approx.): 4.9 x 3.8 x 0.6 cm / 1.92 x 1.49 x 0.23 in
Ring Inner Diameter (approx.): 2.1 cm | 0.82 in

Stay your smartphone safe with a smartphone ring. Clear acrylic attachment does not spoil the beautiful design of your smartphone / smartphone case.

  • 360 degree rotating
  • Can be used as a smartphone stand.
  • Hard to be attached to a phone with glass surface. In case, please use the ring together with a plastic smartphone case.
  • Adhesive power varies depending on the weight, shape, and material of a smartphone. 
  • Do not hang a smartphone just hooking on your finger to prevent drop of the device.
  • Make sure that the ring is attached to a smartphone firmly before using.
  • The sticky pad can be reused.