HandLinker Bearing Adjustable Neck Strap

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Easy to attach / detach!  Neck Strap x Ring Strap

 Attach a ring strap to your stuff: smartphone, digital camera, key, pass case, ID card case, USB memory, and anything you use usually. When you use any of these devices, attach the ring strap to a neck strap. To detach the ring strap from the neck strap, just press a button on the top part of the neck strap. The ring also works as fall prevention. Wear the ring on your finger while you use your device.

  • Modest colored neck strap and ring strap match business casual too.
  • The ring spins smoothly and it never hinders your movement.
  • Detach your phone / digital camera from a neck strap while they are being charged or out of use.
  • You do not have to pull off a neck strap and worry about mess hair. You do not have to put off a cap/hat.
  • Ring strap can be used as a hook.

Detach a ring strap in a sec!
When you use your device, just press the button. The ring strap is detached right away.
It is helpful when you need to reply a sudden phone call without being annoyed with a neck strap.


Protect your device from falling!
Wear the ring on your finger while you use your device.
You will not feel uneasy about holding your device with a hand.


Special Features


✔ The length of the neck strap is adjustable.
Move the slider on the neck strap and adjust the length of the neck strap.

✔ The ring spins so smoothly that the neck strap is not tangled.
Bearing is in the ring and it brings the smooth 180 degrees rotation.

The neck strap is with a safety device.
The neck strap gets separate into 2 parts in case it gets a strong shock.

* Please do not vigorous exercise with putting on the neck strap.
* We do not take responsibility for any damage, breakdown, and loss of the device due to a drop.
* This product is not compatible with Handlinker putto series.


Neck Strap (when folded): 40 cm | 15.75 in
Ring Strap: 9.9 cm | 3.86 in
Material: Polyester, PC