What is your favorite Japanese food?

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What is your favorite Japanese food? Sushi, Tempura, and Yakitori became  famous globally,
however they are only small part of Japanese food.
Other than these big 3, there are lots of dishes, snacks, and sweets in Japan.
Let me introduce my favorite Japanese food ♪

1. Inarizushi (also known as Oinarisan)

Inarisushi is a kind of sushi. Sushi rice is wrapped with sweeten abura-age (thin sliced fried tofu).
As inarizushi is portable and handy it is often carried in a lunch box on a picnic, excursion, potluck party, and in any special occasions.

2. Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki is a pan fried dish looking like pancakes. Though pancake is garnished with fruit, cream, and any sweet stuff, okonomiyaki is with vegetable, meat, and salty food.
When it is served, okonomiyaki sauce is spread over the top and katsuobushi and aonori are sprinkled.

3. Takoyaki

A piece (or more) of octopus meat is inside a takoyaki ball. Tako means octopus in Japanese.
Combination of crispy fried outside and creamy inside makes Taokyaki one of the most popular Japanese snack.
Takoyaki balls are dipped with brown sauce (aka Tonkatsu sauce or Okonomiyaki sauce) and sprinkled katsuobushi and aonori.

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