Are you a forgetful person?

Are you a forgetful person? If you nod your head to the question, I can imagine that you have had lots of troubles so far like me. I often lost things like purse, keys, commuter's pass, and phone.. Among these things, it was a phone that got me into the biggest trouble when I lost it.

I decided not to lose my phone ever...! I trained myself to keep a simple rule. I kept in mind to wear a neck strap and make my phone dangling from my neck. My phone always came into my sight and I found it at once if I lost my phone.

Especially it helped me when I had a trip. I tended to be more careless than usual as unexpected events occurred one after another while traveling. Imagine, you are browsing your smartphone while you wait for a bus. The bus comes earlier than you expected. You jump on the bus in a hurry leaving your phone on a bench. It is just like me to do that...If you are a forgetful person like me, I recommend you to get a Handlinker, neck lanyard.


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